The ‘Why’ Behind Crofters Music: Authenticity, Connection and Supporting Local Talent

Back in 2014, Dónal Boyle had been working offshore for long periods of time for the previous seven years, and was missing the world of music. When the opportunity arose to take on a bar/restaurant business in Brodick, setting up a family business that combined great food, drink, hospitality and music felt like a natural progression and a real privilege.


Fiddlers’, as it was originally called, instantly established a unique and creative atmosphere as local, Scottish and international artists entertained customers. It quickly became apparent that the acoustic music Dónal had personally returned to over the years, drawing on Scots, Irish and American traditions, was perfectly suited to the intimate environment of Fiddlers’ and had a strong emotional resonance with audiences.


The venue presented an amazing opportunity to connect with local artists and encourage them to hone their skills in a low-pressure performance space, often accompanied by Dónal and playing to a friendly and appreciative audience of diners. Supporting local musicians by providing them with a stage and an opportunity to earn money has always been very important to Crofters.


From the early days of Fiddlers’, through its reinvention as Crofters in 2018 and right up to the latest incarnation of Crofters Arran in 2020 and the launch of Crofters Music online, the ethos of Crofters has been about authenticity. When people play in Crofters, they’re not putting on an act. Performers do what they do best, connecting up close and personally with audiences who deeply appreciate their artistry.


In that spirit of connection, the Crofters Music online platform captures the ambience of a great night of live music in Crofters and presents it to a wider audience. Following the ethos that has driven Crofters from the beginning, we’ve invested in professionally recorded audio and video to really do our artists justice and established a payment model that properly compensates musicians for their hard work. While we eagerly await the day when live music can return, you can enjoy the next best thing at home.



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 Whether it has a touch of gypsy jazz here or a hint of blues there, the connecting thread of music at Crofters is that it recreates the atmosphere of the living room session or the homespun kitchen ceilidh, bringing strangers and friends together in shared enjoyment of music, accompanied by a generous share of good food, drink and fun.”


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