Tim Pomeroy

Acoustic, folk, roots and acapella

Our first artist is a firm favourite Tim Pomeroy

Originally described as..“ a purveyor of fine song” Tim has an eclectic musical repertoire; from Scots, Irish, English, folk songs, ancient and modern, to American standards from the acoustic musicians of his generation.

His voice is a sound baritone/tenor mix and his informative song introductions try to assist the listener into a fuller appreciation. He is ably accompanied in these Govan Sessions by Crofters owner Donal Boyle on fiddle and vocal harmony.

Love songs, war songs, songs of the sea, of loss and longing, songs of betrayal and faith, and not without humour too….look out for those acapella numbers.

Tim is perhaps better known as a Scottish visual artist. He is one of the leading carver/sculptors of his generation. His stone carvings are based on subjects as widely differing as seed heads/pods to archaeology and contemporary engineering.

He lives and works of the Isle of Arran.

Watch his set here 

Mic Clark

influenced by jazz, reggae, folk, blues,

Mic is a musical legend whom everyone at Crofters has grown to know and love, since he first started playing live in the Music Bar in 2014. 

One of the most original singer-songwriters on the Scottish music scene, Mic weaves his stories and melodies into a spell-binding performance, together with covers from the likes of John Martin, Doc Watson, Steely Dan, Jackson Frank, Davy Graham and numerous of his own interpretations from the Great American Songbook.

From nights out on the bustling new live music scene in Glasgow, to magical journeys along the historical west coast of Scotland, Mic’s music is a reflection of ideas, sounds, stories and memories, walking along city rivers, days and nights in the country, fresh air and wood fires, rain and wind, friends and family, dreams and regrets, ideas, stories and songs collected in notebooks, sketchpads and scraps of paper, sound-bytes from voice recorders taken apart and pieced back together.
Described as: passionate new music from Scotland, crossing over to Ireland and finding a home for a modern yet traditional Celtic vibe, Mic’s songwriting is influenced by jazz, reggae, folk, blues, originals and Celtic rhythms with haunting, catchy melodies and influences from around the globe.

Many of Mic’s songs have been used on shows for the BBC, as well as several independent film & tv production companies.

Mic Clark Music 

Watch Mic's set here

King of Birds

country rock & roll from Scottish brothers

Folk-rock tunesmiths King Of Birds whose music while serving up sounds of the American heartlands, is uniquely Scottish in character, with occasional knowing winks to their musical heroes – the Fab Four, Dylan and Neil Young. Here they play an acoustic set full of mostly original songs from their debut album Eve Of Destruction, plus a few covers of classic songs which have inspired the brothers thrown in all for good measure.

King of Birds: ‘Eve of Destruction’

‘Heaven’s just a one horse town’

The King of Birds story reads like many previously lamented rock ‘n’ roll tales. Scottish brothers, Charlie and Stirling Gorman from a little village near Glasgow played in various bands as kids and dreamed of nailing a record deal that would be their passport out of 9-5 purgatory.

‘The rest is only dreaming’

Almost instantly that dream turned to reality when their fledgling band ‘Murmur’ were signed to Warner Bros (U.S.) imprint, Mesa Blue Moon Recordings and before they knew it they were stateside putting pen to paper, recording their debut album and touring extensively across America

‘How fragile is the flame’

Inevitably, as quickly as it began, it was over. Initial sales didn’t meet expectations, promotional commitments from the label fell through, the band were dropped and the Gormans found themselves back in Elderslie

‘Heaven help us, where do we go from here?’

Purgatory of course takes many shapes and forms and can eat up time. Charlie found himself selling used office furniture; though regrettably not out on San Fernando Road as Tom Waits would have it. His nights were spent playing alone in bars and restaurants around Glasgow. Stirling ended up working in Glasgow’s iconic Tower Records to stay ‘close to the music’ and in demand as a session player. The travel lust had taken hold though and eventually he found work as an international flight attendant. Continual movement refuelled the fire.

‘Too many lonely people, in too many lonely lives’

Throughout the intervening years the brothers love of roots music remained and in particular the soundscape of Americana which had gripped them so tightly during those early years. Both continued writing, though not together, a clutch of broken relationships and the sudden loss of some close childhood friends catalysing a number of re-evaluations that ultimately informed new output.

‘I believe in you and me’

Late in 2014, Stirling called Charlie and suggested they write some songs together. Much living had gone in to those intervening years and the songs flowed, lyrically taking them to places they’d never been. By the spring of 2017 the duo had stockpiled an arsenal of material and decided to start recording what would become their debut album as King of Birds, ‘Eve of Destruction’.

‘Rise up from the embers’

Self recorded and produced with a group of long standing friends in and around Glasgow, the record was completed in the summer of 2018. The lead single ‘I Hope We Don’t Fall In Love’, a song inspired by the resilience of a city and its people in the face of adversity, is out now ahead of the album’s release later in the year.

Of ‘I Hope We Don’t Fall In Love’, Charlie commented:

"A couple of years ago, I read a newspaper article about a woman who'd found someone else after losing her partner in a totally unforeseen and tragic accident that affected the whole city. You could sense her happiness but also her pain and guilt of finally moving on from someone she loved so much. It really brought home to me what Glasgow, as a city, has been through over the years and no matter what has befallen, the collective community spirit and love of its people have always ensured the city flourishes. It’s truly unique and it’s that spirit that inspired 'I Hope We Don't Fall In Love’"

King of Birds

Watch their set here

Barry Nisbet

Contemporary Folk

Shetland musician Barry Nisbet is a songwriter and sailor with a repertoire inspired by the drama of life, his islands, and the sea.

He launched his first album, 'A Bright Ray of Sunshine', featuring original songs and tunes, in March 2018, to excellent reviews. He recently played the Shetland Folk Festival, the Eden Festival and the Green Man Gallery in Buxton, as well as supporting Tide Lines, The Furrow Collective and the Jennie Sturgeon Trio. 

As one of the Cullivoe Fiddlers, Barry plays a unique regional style of Shetland fiddle music; as a Captain of tall ships such as Søren Larsen, he has sailed through the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, gaining inspiration from the wind and the stars. 

As a member of Shetland band 'Rack n Ruin', Dundee-based Americana group 'Wire and Wool', and French group 'Tildon Krautz', he has performed at numerous festivals and events in Shetland, Scotland and mainland Europe. He gained a Dundee Musicians Award in 2016. 

Barry runs the 'Sessions and Sail' voyages, bringing groups of musicians together for workshops and sessions aboard the Tall Ship 'Lady of Avenel', cruising on the Scottish coast in the summer and will be joining us on our Crofters Cruises

weaves the impassioned tale of the people


Anchor Line is a new trio playing music of the Scots and Irish nations. Following the tradition from its ancient roots, the band weaves the impassioned tale of a people challenged by British imperialism, through centuries of love, war, poetry, music, song, economic hardship, betrayal and emigration. Like the erstwhile Glasgow shipping company of the same name, the band takes the richness of the folk tradition from its native lands across the Atlantic and back again; blending old tunes and songs of the day with contemporary works, honouring the indomitable spirit and pioneering narrative of the Gael.  

Dónal Boyle moved to Scotland from the north of England at the age of 14 and has since immersed himself in the vibrant live music scene of the Isle of Arran, Ayrshire and Glasgow. With Irish-American family roots, Dónal thrived on the traditional, folk, country, jazz & bluegrass music being played in the pubs and festivals in southwest Scotland. Over time, he has drawn on all of these influences, which have morphed into his own, distinctive “trans-Atlantic gypsy” style of fiddling. With a deep love of ballads, time spent at sea and having been raised soaking up the works of the finest folk artists, Dónal brings his own take on the tradition to the party. Singing songs from the heart, picking guitar and harmonising with fiddle and vocals, Dónal is in his element with Anchor Line.  

Stephen McCann (Steg) was born and raised in Glasgow - the third generation of an Irish family growing up around the Govan shipyards; his father sailed as a deck hand with the Anchor Line between Glasgow and New York in the 1930s. Raised with an innate passion for music and amassing a vast repertoire of songs from both sides of the Atlantic, Steg’s intuitive ear for harmony and mastery of guitar, bass, slide guitar and mandola, make him a powerhouse of musical charisma. 

Anchor Line is not Steg’s first rodeo. He has a long and distinguished career as a sought-after band member and session musician; playing just about any genre you care to think of. During a spell on the Isle of Arran, in the early 2000s, he joined the Boguillie Band, where he first met Dónal and found much musical common ground, whilst playing concerts and ceilidhs in Arran, the UK and abroad. The same common ground is now the foundation of Anchor Line’s sound and setlist.

John Peter Gourlay (JP) hails from the fishing village of Girvan on the Ayrshire coast. His father is a fisherman, as were countless generations of family members before him, so he has grown up with music, boats and the sea in his blood - in equal measure. Legend has it that JP has attended every Girvan Folk Festival since birth, to which his parents would take him in his pram! This has clearly proven to be a winning strategy because he has a rare talent and a deeply-rooted love of folk music, alongside many other idioms. Playing mostly 5-string bass, JP is very much the engine room of the ship although he is an equally natural guitarist, having played with bands since the age of 16 and further honed his skills, whilst studying music at the University of the West of Scotland. JP brings subtlety, warmth and drive to the Anchor Line set, lifting everything with an infectious, understated musicality. 

Their second set is available] on MyPlayer.Uk

personal and musical

Cams Campbell

Cams picked up the guitar at the age of 21 after seeing a documentary on Bert Jansch. Suzanne Vega almost got him playing, but it was Bert and his contemporaries that pushed him out the door and into Biggars Music in Glasgow for that first guitar purchase.

At that time, Cams was recovering from a climbing accident and playing guitar became the perfect therapy. And now, almost 30 years later, it's as therapeutic as it ever was. That British folk style is a clear influence on Cams's playing, but there are other styles that have found their way into his music, particularly Americana and such artists as Tony Rice, Bryan Sutton, Gillian Welch and Bruce Springsteen.

Since moving to Arran in 2008, Cams has been playing live in different bands and as a solo act, taking lead and rhythm duties in a 3-piece bluegrass band and playing fingerstyle and rhythm guitar in a Scottish dance band. Cams has a love of nice guitars and takes his tone seriously. Cams has his own music Podcast Acoustic Guitar IO where he interviews musicians and luthiers for your enjoyment. 

His playing style is personal and musical, serving the songs that he sings without being flashy, and he really enjoys communicating with an audience through his music.

Catch him on MyPlayer 

distinctive blend of melodies and potent lyrics

Nico Ev

Nicola is an upbeat and friendly character who enjoys nothing more that a good laugh and a knees-up! Nicola splits her working week between being a musician and a part-time music teacher.

Since a young age, Nicola has been an avid songwriter and performer and she is involved in many musical projects including writing and recording original material, co-writing and publishing, fronting Studio Wedding and function band, and hosting regular open-mic events including the FF Sunday Sessions and Muse-ic. Nicola’s favorite artists include; First aid Kit, Bon Iver, Damien Rice, Adrianne Lenker, Chloe Foy, Bear’s den, Conor Obert, Regina Spektor, Laura Marling, The Once, Seafret, and the Staves.

With her distinctive blend of melodies and potent lyrics, Nicola never fails to deliver an enchanting and memorable performance, most notably when delivering her original material.

Career highlights to date include an appearance at the Tron Theatre -playing in the popular Seven Song Club series, supporting singer-songwriters Kevin McGuire and Hannah Slavin, performing at Celtic Connections festival-broadcast live on Celtic Music Radio, and featuring in the Songwriters & Composers Scotland Magazine. A firm fixture on the Glasgow music scene,

Nicola also hosts regular music nights across the city, including a weekly showcase for up and coming talent, where she is joined by local guest acts each week. "Every time I've seen Nicola play, her musical talent, combined with her warmth, sincerity and relaxed interaction with the audience, has resulted in a great gig." “I love the varied mix of her original songs with both little and well-known covers, the upbeat energy and vibrancy of her playing.” “A unique and lovely voice.”

This autumn saw the launch of Nico's debut singles - have a listen on her website and follow her on Facebook 

Watch Nico Ev's set online 

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